How to Style Your Home Like a Celeb

Working alongside Monica Rose*—the stylist responsible for the Kardashian crew's best looks ever—you'd be bound to pick up more than a few tips on what's chic. That may explain why Sormeh Salimpour knows hows how to achieve that red carpet-worthy aesthetic—a tool she's now using to transform interiors for elite clientele.

Sormeh and her mother Paiman have teamed up to form LA interior design firm Sormeh Lifestyle, in which she puts to expert use that aforementioned experience in conjunction with mom's extensive traveling background. Together the two have developed a signature "Modern Ancient" style that manages to be clean yet eclectic, and luxe yet lived-in. Perhaps that's why Silicon Valley's top execs count on the ladies to revamp their personal and work spaces.

The Salimpours's latest design endeavor is a sumptuous loft space in DTLA, and after taking a peek at the new digs we just had to ask the super-savvy women for a few basic tips on how non-celebs (like our humble selves) can still score star-worthy style. Read on to see their best advice for creating your very own enviable space... READ MORE