Girl Bosses Unite

I am a firm believer of women lifting one another up and working together, instead of bringing each other down out of jealously or distaste. I am so proud to say that I truly have amazing girlfriends! Some of the most creative, passionate, artistic, and goal oriented GIRL BOSSES. I am constantly challenging myself and I am witness to my girls doing just the same.

We will not and do not settle for mediocre. 

The other week I was lucky enough to collaborate with a few of my friends on a photo shoot showcasing Melinda Maria jewelry with our very our creative direction. 

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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2016

This article originally published on MiLLENNiAL

Interior design is an industry that is ever evolving. The combinations for each room are endless, and knowing what to put together to achieve your “perfect” design look can be overwhelming for those who are untrained. Picking each piece of furniture, art, accessories, wall decorations, and making sure they work together can be a big job, but definitely not impossible with a little direction. Life is too invaluable to spend it in bland spaces – and that well-designed surroundings are the secret recipe to people living happy and productive lives.

Match your lifestyle with the latest design trends

#itsalifestyle is the motto. Live, design, and experience a slow-lived life. A life and design philosophy that leaves no detail behind and no moment ignored, where one can use ordinary elements in an extraordinary way. A life well lived, contained in a well-loved interior, sets the stage for all of this. And to that end, here are some tips on how to make any room noteworthy, unique, and a conversation starter, by incorporating the top 5 design trends for 2016!

1. Mix and Play

Things get a bit uncomfortable when they are too perfect. Similar to what you see in fashion trends, when designing your interior, mix items of higher value with items of lesser or sentimental value. This is a trend that is here to stay. All the fun is in mixing and matching. Whether that is with different textures, textiles, highs and lows, styles, or period pieces… By doing so you are assured a look that is yours.

2. Customization

Make your space personal and your own. Set the stage and monogram to personalize your towels, sheets, and even furniture. Customization even in the smallest degree gives you an elegant look at a low cost and will always be on trend. Don’t be afraid to skip the traditional frames and collage your images straight onto your walls, customizing your space with familiarity, motivations, inspirations, and memories. Photos allow the eye to travel into the soul of the residence, and that helps create the warmth each room needs. Remember, #itsalifestyle, your lifestyle. You set the tone for the life you are passionate about living.

3. Natural Materials

In 2016 there is going to be a massive presence of natural materials. Reclaimed wood, marble, stone, concrete, as well as fabrics like raw linen, cotton, and silk. Mixing these with touches of modernity and raw street-style gives you the perfect marriage in design. Floors tie and connect an entire design together. Reclaimed wood is a natural product that has been used before and then recycled for further use. The planks are different sizes and shades. The vintage aesthetic, which is full of history, brings warmth and character to any room. Do not forget about utilizing local artisan sources as much as you can! Modernizing the ancient through design is a great design philosophy. By recycling old materials in new and modern forms, you create a soulful space that is not only beautiful to live in, but is also easy on the environment.

4. Black Stainless Steel

This is a first in the world of kitchen design and is quite bold! Long overdue, but, as most of you could agree on, a touch of black is what any room in your house needs – and your kitchen is no exception. Black stainless steel makes every appliance as chic as your favorite handbag. With the classic appeal of traditional stainless steel but with contemporary character, this is another great, modernized ancient design.

5. Wallpaper

The return of wallpaper is very intriguing and at the same time quite nostalgic. Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to add an extra punch to a previously dull room. Most of you may remember your grandparent’s houses decked out in mundane wallpaper. However, now wallpaper is back in a new and modern way with so many sleek and chic design options – and very trendy prints as well. And wallpaper does not necessarily have to be traditional or permanent, for that matter. There are many “renter proof,” temporary wallpaper options out there these days that are perfect for roommates, young couples, or even those of you who like to change up your design aesthetic more often than not.

Consider yourself a storyteller when it comes to design. Soulful beauty inspires people to dream, and it pushes their imaginations to its limit. There is something so refreshing about embracing the idea that not everything needs to be perfect. It is dangerous to design only in order to fill a space. The layering of the past and present can be a signature in design, where everything is modern with a bit of history to bring it all to life. This design mantra along side these top 5 design trends of 2016 gives you an amazing platform to begin designing the space of your dreams. #itsalifestyle

Hayley Hasselhoff x Sormeh Lifestyle

At Sormeh Lifestyle, we are known for our work within the commercial and residential design world. However, we do dabble in more than just that!

My mom (and co-founder) Paiman, has an out of this world collection of one of a kind vintage and designer clothing/accessories that she has been building for years upon years. For our VIP clients, we give them access to pull from this collection for various red carpet events and appearances. 

My dear friend and wardrobe stylist, Audrey Brianne, is one of our most loyal and supportive clients, who pulls from us regularly. Last week she pulled this beautiful Chanel purse for her client, Hayley Hasselhoff and I must say, she looked like perfection. 

Take a look below!

Current Inspo

April is one of my favorite months of the year. The weather is just right, Summer is around the corner, I have countless birthdays to help celebrate, and I always gain so much fashion inspiration from festival season. Not to say that I am not continuously inspired by little things in my day to day life, but there is just something magical about this month. 

I've shared a few images below. Images of what is really speaking to me at this moment.

For more of my current inspo, check out my Tumblr!

TooFab or TooDrab

If I could spend each and every Thursday morning talking fashion with the ladies of TooFab I totally would! I have been having so much fun getting to know these girls in addition to challenging myself with each new segment.

In my early twenties I had the pleasure of working with celebrity stylist, Monica Rose (who is known for her work with The Kardashian/Jenner family) for two years, where I learned so many tips and tricks on wardrobe styling for on camera appearances- it is entirely different than styling someone for day to day life or even a photo shoot. I try to use these tips and tricks each time I style myself for my TooFab or TooDrab segments. I never want my style to become monotonous. I want to keep evolving. I prefer to dress a little outside of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion, rather than keeping my looks “safe.”

Lots of love to Kristina Ambartsumian for always making me feel fresh faced & camera ready. Trust me ladies, when it comes to my makeup, she is my go to!