Body | Positive

If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

As I continue to grow older and accept myself- mind, body, and soul, it has become very important to me, as an influencer, to encourage girls to love their bodies. We live in a society that is constantly telling us who to be, what to look like, who to love.... but why not do something radical and love yourself, for exactly who you are. 

I would be lying if I said that I didn't have moments where I get down on myself. We're all human, none of us are perfect; but I do try my hardest to accept and love myself each and everyday, while still working towards bettering myself, inside and out. I refuse to miss out on 95% of my life, just to weight 5% less.

Life is about balance. I can not tell you all how many times I am witness to people settling for "quick fixes." A quick fix has not and will never work long term. Why put your mind and body through hell and back, for a temporary outcome? Life is way too short to spend it at war with yourself. The day that I decided to listen to my body was the day my transformation truly began. Your body tells you exactly what it needs and wants to fuel and heal itself, you just need to trust it and have patience. 

"What is your secret?" is one of the questions I get asked the most. But the truth is, there is no secret... no pill, waist trainer, shake, tea, drug, or any other gimmick that will give you the life long results that lifestyle changes could ever give you. 80/20 is my motto when it comes to what I put in my body. 80% of the time I fuel my body with mostly organic, unprocessed foods. Focusing on high protein, lower carb. This is key for ME and how MY body runs. The other 20% is a treat. 

Fall in love with yourself everyday, over and over again. We give so much of ourselves to other people, constantly looking for validation and love, when really, we should look within ourselves. How can you expect anyone else to love you and respect you, if you can't truly accept yourself and love yourself? We show people how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves - know your worth and don't settle for anything less than that. 

I am going to leave you all with a small challenge. The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, instead of criticizing, poking, and prodding...list 3 things that you love about yourself. Focus on the positives. Sure, I may not have 6 pack abs, but I love my waistline and my clavicles. This may sound minuscule and silly to some, but you will soon realize that focusing on a few small "positives" each and every day, will lead you to a healthier body positivity mindset and equally as important, acceptance.