TooFab or TooDrab

If I could spend each and every Thursday morning talking fashion with the ladies of TooFab I totally would! I have been having so much fun getting to know these girls in addition to challenging myself with each new segment.

In my early twenties I had the pleasure of working with celebrity stylist, Monica Rose (who is known for her work with The Kardashian/Jenner family) for two years, where I learned so many tips and tricks on wardrobe styling for on camera appearances- it is entirely different than styling someone for day to day life or even a photo shoot. I try to use these tips and tricks each time I style myself for my TooFab or TooDrab segments. I never want my style to become monotonous. I want to keep evolving. I prefer to dress a little outside of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion, rather than keeping my looks “safe.”

Lots of love to Kristina Ambartsumian for always making me feel fresh faced & camera ready. Trust me ladies, when it comes to my makeup, she is my go to!