Snack Attack x 2

It is no secret that I carry a handful of snacks with me at all times. Having spent the last 5 years learning the ins and outs of my body, listening to its wants and needs, I have come to understand that my body likes a little "fuel" every two hours. Keeping me energized, sustaining my metabolism, and preventing hanger from creeping in.

Last year I shared my snack obsessions, well...get ready for ROUND 2!


1. Glutino Pretzel Twists I do not like to make this an every day snack option, but a few times a week, these pretzels really hit the spot. Low calorie, just enough crunch... my favorite pairing is with string cheese. 

2. Organic Light String Cheese Unlike most "light" cheese, this string cheese has good bite to it. This is not exactly the type of snack that I throw in my purse, but on those days where I am working from home, string cheese & some crisp green grapes really hit the spot, and are a great 100 calorie and under snack option. 

3. Justin's Peanut Butter Squeeze Pack These packs are my #1 right now. Travel friendly, no matter if I am packing them in my suitcase or just tossing them in my purse. Peanut Butter is such a filling snack for me, I eat these on their own and I am satisfied for a good few hours. 

What are you all snacking on currently?