Pizza Makes My World Go Round

Ever since I shared my last blog post Treat Is The New Cheat, I haven't been able to get my favorite treat meal off of my mind...Pizza. I have searched high and low for the best pizza in Los Angeles and it's only right that I share my favorites with you!

1. Village Pizzeria: Hands down, my favorite pizza in LA and trust me, I have tried them all! Village is all about their New York style pizza (with the most perfect crust). I am a crust girl, I don't mess around with thin crust. I want bite, I want chew, I want crunch. I start off with their Garden Salad with Ranch, always, and follow it up with my all time favorite pizza (with easy sauce), topped with pepperoni, black olive, mushroom, and pineapple. 

2. Masa: I stumbled upon this restaurant during my very first few months of living in LA. I am not usually one to opt for Deep Dish but Masa sure know what they're doing when it comes to Chicago Deep Dish. I keep it classic and start with their Caesar Salad (Parmesan Wedges for the win!) and opt for their Plain Jane, cheese pizza... and trust me, both can be easily shared. 

3. Vito's Pizza: You know those days where its near impossible to get off the couch but all you want is pizza?! I know them all too well. Sure, now these days are few and far between, but when they happen, Vito's, more specifically their Pesto Pizza, is my go-to. Delivered straight to my front door. 18" of heaven. Add on a side of breadsticks and you have yourself the perfect Treat Meal.


Now that I am salivating all over my keyboard, I really do hope you all get to go and try out at least one of my sacred Pizza joints! Living in a city like LA, there are always new and noteworthy restaurants popping up all over town. Along with that are some crazy concoctions being thought of that I am constantly adding to my "must eat" list. Right now my mind is set on trying Ameci Pizza Kitchen's  Flaming Hot Cheeto Pizza, enough said, right?

What are your favorite Pizza joints? LA or elsewhere, I am always game to discover the best slices in town!